Sunday, 2 August 2009

Iron Man

Got up very early, leaving the house at 4.30 to get to the start of the Iron Man Competition at Rivington. The start was 6.00 am, with a 2.4 mile swim, then 112 miles on the bikes and finally a marathon to finish. I think about 1700 took part. At 6.00 am there weren’t very many spectators, a few hundred I suppose. The swimming start was good as it’s a mass start, soon thinned out though, difficult to see much, swimmers too far away.
Rode up to the summit of Belmont Road off road to catch up to the riders as they crested the summit, there were all shapes and sizes and indeed all different ages, there are some over 70’s in the comp. Interesting to see the different bikes, from all carbon to ancient garden shed models!
Watched for a while then got out my stove and pans and cooked my breakfast, it was freezing in the wind at 7.00 am! Rode back along Belmont Road, then to the Pike for a short loop and back home by 10.30.


Red Bike said...

I would love to complete one of these bad boys. Think I can dream on though.

I wouldn't make it to the end of a 2.4mile swim.

trio said...

Bacon and egg barm???

Ali tried to get someone else who was doing the same thing to make her one, don't think it was you though as she says there were three of them.

We were there for the start, then watched them clamber out on the other side. Then I was off to work!

Richard said...

No it wasn't me, I had hot dogs with all the trimmings!

Richard said...

Hi Red, I was really quite surprised to see all the different kind of people that were taking part, without being rude there were some fairly large guys, don't know how they would have managed with the running, anyway good luck to them, I couldn't manage the swimming, or the running and may have struggled with the cycling!

Richard said...

Hi Trio, I suppose you were involved with the Skyride, saw it on the news tonight.

trio said...

Yes people of all sizes, but you could tell they had trained hard - no chance at the cutoffs otherwise!

Yes I was involved in the skyride, better watch the news.