Monday, 24 August 2009

Sunday Group Ride

We met at Wildeswood car park, Dean, Phil, Dave and I. Dean had a plan to ride over to Great Hill and White Coppice. Today was the first outing for Phil's new bike, I know he's pleased with it.

The route took up to the Mast Road via Two Lads, then off Winter Hill by the steep end, down to the road and across to the flagged path to Great Hill, weather was warm but very windy. The descent to White Coppice is brilliant, in spite for the wind trying to blow us off course. A short trip up up Healey Nab and back to Horwich.

Really tired today after yesterdays ride, but managed 30 miles all in, some new trails again today and some nice countryside, interesting to see how some parts of the hills are very wet and muddy and a few metres away dry sandy ground.

Mileage so far this year nearly 2,400, already beat last years modest total by 200 miles and its only August! Lets see what it is at the end of the year.


Red Bike said...

I can remember riding those flags ealier this year. At some point those flags caused me to do a wonderful superman impression. (The bike suddenly stopped while I didn't)

Richard said...

I know its great isn't it, the steps would be really interesting in the dark!