Sunday, 19 July 2009

Ladybower Loop - Again

We tried the Ladybower Loop again today, though in different weather conditions than the last time. Instead of sun and dry trails we had rain and a lot of mud! Just myself and Dean today, parked the car at the Ladybower Visitor Centre and made our way up the trail. Its a great ride no matter what the weather. We had a coffee break at Derwent Visitor Centre before the big forest climb and then decent to the Snake Road. The long downhill into Aston is fantastic, a green path with a few technical bits thrown in. A short stop for a puncture and then back the car, altogether about 18 miles.
Photos show me and Dean crossing the river, which is actually the trail and Dean at the side of Derwent Reservoir.


Red Bike said...

Its definately been far too long since i've ridden there. I can't even remember where that river crossing is anymore!

Richard said...

Hi Red Bike,

All I would say is try and do it when the ground is a bit dryer! My brakes and gears were grinding so much I could feel them wearing away, but its really a gret ride, I plotted the route on Sports Tracker:

Red Bike said...

You have to log in to view that route.

I will get back out in that area some day!

Richard said...

Sorry Red Bike, I have changed the settings in Sportstracker so anyone can see it. I have using this software for a couple of weeks, not used to it yet!