Sunday, 30 November 2008

Sunday Freeze

I set off from home at 07.45, the intention to be somewhere over Rivington. I decided to follow the trail up to Winter Hill by Bob's Smithy, through Walker Fold Wood to join the road to the top. It was freezing cold this morning, I think around minus 2 degrees. I as really cold and the trail was very icy. Made it to the top, there was a breeze blowing from the north, Even colder!

The back to Georges Lane and up to the Pike, I was overtaken by 3 out of 4 other riders!

Didn't stay long on the Pike, down to the Lower Barn, it was marginally warmer inside, but not much. One bacon barm and a tea later then back home. A really tiring ride, one I have done before many times, but never feeling so tired.

25 miles

Wednesday, 26 November 2008


This morning, in the dark and rain, I passed the 2000 mile mark, (since Jan 1st 2008).

Work commitments have prevented me from riding a lot these past few weeks, so its just been a few days here and there, mostly in the dark and sometimes in the rain.

But antway I have passed some sort of arbitary milestone, something to beat next year.....