Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Well it seems like spring has finally arrived on the Middleborok Valley Trail. This is my daily commute from Farnworth to Horwich, a round trip of 16 miles. I have kept going all through winter through the deep snow and freezing temperatures and of course the darkness. Most of the winter we have had easterly winds, so dry and cold. This week for the first time, the wind is in the south to south west so here comes the rain, but milder temperatures. One of the nice parts of riding the same off road route everyday is to see the change in the seasons and the little things along the way, to see the trail in snow, sun and rain, all interesting and different every day.

So here’s to the spring and summer! Lets hope for good conditions and some sunshine.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

New Bike Day

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Lets have a short ride Sunday morning said Dean, so Rob can try out his new bike. So we met early at the Crofters, Rob arrived on his bike a Giant Anthem X4, super white and super clean.

The weather was musty, but dry, up to the Pike from Georges Lane, Ice Cream Run for some AICR for others. Across to Healey Nab for a look round in the woods and on to White Coppice, cafe still shut...

Tried the new bridleway up to Brinscall, very smooth and very rough in places, not finished yet, don't know if its any better than the track that was there before. Found a tea rooms in Brinscall before heading back to Rivington, Horwich and home.

Finally 33 miles, which is the longest so far this year, so much for a short ride! 6 1/2 ours including all the stops.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Settle Long Loop

Sunday saw myself and Dean trying out the Settle Long Loop, its around 22 miles and as the name suggests a loop from Settle and back. The day was perfect weather, sunshine, no wind to speak of but very cold, it didn't get above zero all day. Tough lung busting climb at the start, then lots of green road riding. Snow mud and ice all the way. Quick descent down to Malham and the longest bike push in the world up from there to the top. Another great and quick descent back to Settle. A good day out, but not to be underestimated, its bleak on the farthest outward reaches and bad weather would make it very unappealing indeed.

Used the Sportstracker for the ride and HERE is the route.