Sunday, 28 September 2008

New Tyres

I finally bought two new tyres, the others, especially the front were worn out and very fragile as I found when I took them off. Went for Maxxis Advantage, they seem very smooth rolling, lets see how they perform.

Last week I managed three trips up to Winter Hill and Rivigton Pike, up via Foxholes Lane to Georges Lane and down by a the AICR and the Commonwealth Down, superb weather and dry hard trails. Not able to ride this weekend even though its been excellent weather.

Nights and especailly mornings are closing in and I need the lights at least on the morning commute.

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Today's ride was along Middlebrook Valley Trail to Lostock, then up to the top of Beaumont Road, Markland Hill, Walker Fold Lane to the bridleway and then to the top of Winter Hill. The weather was superb, warm dry, sunny and almost no wind, visibility was great from the top. Very few people on the top, but more on the Pike.

From the top I dropped off the steep side down towards the Belmont Road, but turned left to the Pigeon Tower, then back to Bob's Smithy via George's Lane, back home by the Valley Trail.

Front tyre developed a large bulge,so new tyres tomorrow, the old ones have done about 2,500 miles.

Total Distance 22 miles

Friday, 19 September 2008

I completed Sunday the western section of the Trans Pennine Trail. I joined the trail at Sale Water Park, after following Route 55 from Farnworth to Stretford via the Bridgewater Canal to join it.

The trail then passes Warrington, Widnes and then turns to the north at Liverpool Airport. It then follows the old railway loop line all the way to Southport. The weather was sunny when I left home, became cool at Liverpool and the sun came out again at Southport.

The Trail along this section is almost flat; it’s mostly all off road, with short sections of quiet rods joining the paths. The signposts in Liverpool are almost non-existent, so I needed my maps. The end of the Trail (or the beginning) was a bit of a let down. Otherwise it’s a good ride.

Total distance 80 miles, 8 hours.

Friday, 12 September 2008


I have always been interested to wildlife on the trails I ride. On my ride to work I have seen Hero, Canada Geese, Kingfisher, all types of ducks and wading birds. I have seen twice a Fallow Deer, which was great. The most exotic I ever saw was an Iguana! actually it was sitting in the sun on someones knee!

I have tried to take photos of the animals...with not much sucess, here are two photos of a Heron.

No Time

Almost a week and a half, haven't managed any riding, just yesterday and today, the usual commute to work and back, but with a side trip up to the Pike with Mark from work. Weather was good, quite clear view from the top.

Been using my new Camelbak pack this week, very comfortable!