Sunday, 30 May 2010

Nailed It

Early morning ride up to Walker Fold, then straight ahead on the very rocky climb, (don't know the name of it) only one dab on the way up, across to the mast road and down a cheeky path to the stream crossing which none of us has ever managed to ride down and up. First time went quicker than on the video and a lot more elegantly, no problem, maybe with the winter the line has changed, second attempt for the video not as flowing, but still did it.

After that up the road a bit, then Two Lads, almost blown over by the wind and down the kennels gully to Georges Lane. Too windy for the Pike, fell off the little side trail between the Pike path and the Tower, cut knee. Didn't fall off going down the Ice Cream Run thought, although overtaken by another rider, almost caught him up by the Top Barn, but then went another route. Back home along Middlebrook Valley Trail and home by 10.30 am. 24 miles.

HERE is the video