Monday, 17 August 2009

Sunday Group Ride

Sunday morning and back to normal after all the holidays etc with the usual group, Richard, Dean, Rob, Dave and Phil. We met at Wildeswood Car park.

The route took us by the iron lamp path towards Two Lads, but we cut off or the mast road before getting to Two Lads. We then went along the edge of the ridge towards Scout Road and Walker Fold, along the road and then up towards Coalpits Road. We diverted off the usual ascent to have a look at the lake (actually a reservoir) that used to supply water to the Barrow Bridge Mill. This lake is not well known and is only really visible as its reached. It’s a nice spot and has fantastic views over Bolton and Manchester. From there up Coalpits to the mast and down the cheeky trail to Belmont. Phil took off down the trail and left us all for dead, arriving a full three minutes before the rest of us!

At the bottom of the cheeky trail we met up with some guys who were out testing Scott carbon bikes, all very impressive, they were with Alan’s Bikes of Wigan.

From Belmont we found a path up by the right hand side of the road, which proved to be a bit wet and muddy, also we had to pass a bull which provided some light relief! Then to the top of the pass, along Belmont Road to Georges Lane, a quick trip up to the Pike and then home.

It was great to be back out with the group after a few solitary rides.

Sports Tracker said 25 miles, see the plot HERE

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