Saturday, 29 August 2009

Glentress Black

I was in Edinburgh all day Thursday on business, stayed overnight in Livingston and drove down to Glentess on Friday morning. Last time I was there I did the Red Trail, this time it was to be the Black. The weather had promised to be bad all week, but the overnight rain had cleared and it was just windy. However the trails were very wet with lots of water splashes. As usual the trails are in excellent repair, the Black has a different character to the Red, much more rocky and exposed. The Black is 30 Kms, it took me 3 ½ hours in total with a couple of stops. The climbs are very big, but the trails are so well designed its almost effortless. Some of the downhill are very exposed, a fall from the trail and you wouldn’t stop till the bottom of the valley! I felt a long way from the trailhead when I reached the TV tower, it’s over 600 metres high, Started the return through Deliverance and then Redemption passing through the Ewok Village, minus the boardwalks, they are being replaced. The Black joins the Red towards the end, before arriving back at the trailhead.

A fantastic enjoyable ride, superbly designed trails, may be the best in the UK.


Red Bike said...

The riding in Scotland always looks fantastic. - Some day I will get there.

Richard said...

Definitely recommend Glentress, its superb, pity about the long drive there though, need to go for two days, first day Red Route and second the Black. Its so well organised, no problems with rout finding or navigation.