Sunday, 27 June 2010

27th June 2010 - Sunday

We had planned to ride “Tour of Pen-Y-Gent” but had to cancel at the last moment as Dean’s wife wasn’t too well, so he needed to be close to home. No matter a local ride would be just as good.
We met at Bobs Smithy, up Scout Road to Walker Fold, through the wood and went straight on up the climb from the gate. From there across to the start of Coalpits Rood and up to the mast. Like the last few weeks the trails are superbly dry and dusty, no grip, but no mud either. Form the top of Winter Hill we decided of the shoulder descent to Belmont Road. Then Great Hill, unbelievably dry able to ride every inch of it, very bumpy on the slabs through. Took the bridletrack down to just above Brinscall and cut off left through a wood, fantastic single track down to above White Coppice.
Met lots of riders today at all points along the route.
Route home followed the reservoirs down to the castle in Lever Park and then the usual way home, all together 33 miles, and on the hottest day of the year.
Riders today, Richard, Phil and Dean.
HERE is the Sportstracker route
Only one photo today, Phil and Dean at the top of Great Hill, did a video but will take a little time to edit, will post it later

Sunday, 20 June 2010

When I want to make up some miles, but not with too much effort I do the air port run. Its off road all the way to Manchester Airport. Full circuit around the perimeter on the Aviation Bike Trail. Well that’s exactly what I did today, perfect weather for it.
Its 54 miles in all, but not much climbing, the route follows Cycleway 55 to Monton, then Bridgewater Canal past the Trafford Centre/ Down to Stretford, running the gauntlet of the super aggressive Canada Geese. Then Sale Water Park, Chorlton Water Park, Wythenshawe Park, Painswick Park and then the airport.
The Aviation Viewing Park is now free fro bikes, so had my breakfast there. Had a look in the Trident and photographed the Nimrod before setting out back home. A nice 54 miles in the sunshine and super dry and dusty trails.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Coniston and Walna Scar

Planned a trip into the Lakes and chose Walna Scar to Seathwaite and then back via Torver. We parked at the Ferry Slip in Coniston. The first hill out of Coniston was a big shock, must be the steepest hill in the world! The route up to Walna Scar is very rocky and very steep, one and a half hours later of pushing, carrying and a few metres of riding we got to the top. The downhill to Seathwaite seemed to take about 3 minutes, very rocky, misty and steep. Short stop at the pub for a coffee and then another push/ride to the top of the pass at The Caw and Brock Barrow. Across to Broughton Moor Wood. From there the rain started, “light” rain, Down the tarmac to Torver and then along the side of the lake to Coniston, didn’t bother with waterproofs, so absolutely soaked through.

Photos show Dave just at the top of Walna Scar Road, and then Phil and Dave at the bottom on the other side.

23 miles in a lot of hours!