Friday, 27 August 2010

Day 4

Out of sequence with the days now. I suppose Day 4 really started at Denver Colorado. This was the first main stop of the day for the California Zephyr, now 16 hours in to the journey. Denver was a bit a disappointment, couldn’t see much and even the station was nondescript.

From Denver westwards the train climbs into the Rockies, from Denver at 5,000 feet up to the Moffatt Tunnel at 9,000 feet. The views were spectacular; the other side of the tunnel was sunny weather. We followed the Colorado River down for many miles, small at first but getting bigger, lots of rafters and kayakers. The photos of the area speak for themselves. Glenwood Canyon was the very best. The scale of this country is brought home by the fact took more than 8 hours to cross only Colorado. As we entered Utah, literally hundreds of miles of desert, canyons and high plains.

Meals have been excellent on the California Zephry; dinner tonight was New York Ribeye Steak with all the trimmings. The next major stop comes at Salt Lake City at about 1 am in the morning, don’t think I will see it. Right now sat in my cabin, in the sunshine watching the cowboys and Indians scenery pass by.

We are still only just over half way to San Francisco after 30 hours on the train, another 24 to go

Night Time on the Zephry

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