Sunday, 22 August 2010

American Trip

North Atlantic off Greenland
Day 1
Day 1 of the trip was the flight to Amsterdam, then on to Chicago.  I had chosen to fly with KLM on the basis of cost, but the flight especially to the USA was superb, the catering and entertainment have come on a lot since my last long distance trip.
The flight route over the Atlantic was take us to the south of Iceland, just touching the tip of Greenland and making landfall in Labrador.  The weather was cloudy most of the way so didn’t see too much, wanted to see at least a little bit of Greenland!
Chicago OHare, one of the biggest airport and the slowest immigration, 1 hour stood waiting to fingerprints and photo take.  The ride into downtown Chicago by the Blue Line Train, about 40 minutes.
Staying in the Holiday Inn Express, just one block back from Michigan Avenue, the “Magnificent Mile”.  After a shower out to have a look round, but very tired by now.  Weather was great at 26 degrees, architecture along Michigan fantastic!  Ate a burger at an open air café and called it day.
I already paid the hotel bill via a booking agent, but found the agent hadn’t paid the hotel, hope Nadia can sort that one out on Sunday.
Bike ride on Sunday planned, bike already rented, weather looks to be good, so let’s see!

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