Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Day 2

Today was the day for the Lakeside Trail in Chicago. It’s a total of 18 miles each way; I did the lot and managed about 45 miles with a couple of side trips, also a few stops for coffee etc.

I rented a bike, a Trek 4700, a “mountain bike”. It was heavy at the front end with a Suntor shock that barely compressed. Anyway a suspension bike is not needed as the trial is paved all the way.

The trail runs along the side of Lake Michigan, it’s totally traffic free, well-marked and all riders keep to their side of the trail depending on the direction. When I say it follows the lake it really does, most times only metres from the shoreline.

I started from the centre of the trial, Navy Pier, and as the wind was from the north west decided to ride the southern half first, very fast on the way there with the wind behind. Met a guy who I rode with all the way down and back to the Pier. He had a puncture which I fixed for him on the way back.

Riding Buddy

Lots of riders, this being Sunday, all types of bikes from cruisers to out and out road racing bikes. The views of the city on one side and the lake on the other made a nice contrast. The trail is very popular and I suppose Sunday is the busiest day, but at both ends many less people. Barrack Obama’s house is at the South end, but I couldn’t be bothered to ride to it!

A great ride in great weather and an ambition fulfilled.

City Skyline
Evening spent waking along N. Michigan Avenue, very stylish and sophisticated. The downtown area is incredibly clean; no litter anywhere, lots of green. Dined in the same restaurant as the night before and even had the same meal, but it was delicious!

The architecture is very varied, from 100 year blocks to the highest tech of all, nice contrasts all over the city. The Trump Tower is something else!

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