Sunday, 18 October 2009


Long ride today around Rivington, Healey Nab and all the usual places. Met very early at the Jolly Crofters, weather was cold and dull, in fact it lasted all day and never seemed to warm up, in fact it got colder as the day went on. Met quite a few other riders including one gut on a Marin Wolfridge, brand new bike.

Felt a bit ill towards the end, didn't eat anything during the ride except a packet of crisps and a gel sachet, felt faint and sick climbing back to Georges lane from the Top Barn. Had to stop in the fishery cafe for sausage and chips before I could carry on.

On the top of Winter Hill came a across a cloud inversion, not sure if it was a ground inversion or an inversion aloft, anyway it doesn't matter.

Miles 35 for me and about 20 for Phil and Dean


Red Bike said...

It did seem like every stream / field had cloads of mist rising off it Sunday morning. It made for some stunning views

Richard said...

Yes, looked good, but was very cold up on the top of Winter Hill!