Friday, 30 October 2009

Night Rides

The first week of winter and managed two night rides, the first on Wednesday, perfect weather, still, moonlit and clear. Very dark in Lever Park in the trees, couldn't see the trails as the leaves covered everywhere. The view from the Pike was awesome, stayed there a while, 4 other riders had the same idea, it was like a normal Sunday.

Tried to take some photos of the moon and lights reflecting on the still water, but phone camera not good enough for that.

Friday evening ride not so good weather, very windy on Winter Hill, but still good.

Quite happy with the Cateye front light.


trio said...

What cateye do you have?

Night riding is so much fun!

Richard said...

Sorry, Trio, missed your message, i have the following:

Its an economic light, very bright, but its more of a spotlight, so its good for flat cycling at speed. On the dark off road climbs its not a wide enough beam, but it doesn't bother me as I am slow anyway!

trio said...

Impressed that the light is bright enough for the downhills! Think its easy to get caught up in the need more light way of thinking!