Friday, 9 October 2009

Marin Trail North Wales

Five of us went to North Wales to ride the Marin Trail. I think it was of the first trails built in the UK. It starts straight out of the car par and the start is very promising, twisting ascending singletrack. But very soon it stops at a fireroad, a trend that was repeated many times on the trail.

The riders were Dean, Rob, Dave, Phil and Richard. Phil had decided that he wanted to get value for money and set off to ride the trail twice! So we didn't see him again till he finished.

For the rest of us we continued on and were very surprised at the amount of climbing on the trail, unfortunately the climbs seemed to be all along the fireroads, which made for a very boring time, but we shouldn't be too critical, of course the scenery is fantastic everywhere in the forest, the rocky singletrack sections are brilliant, though if you went over the bars you would know about it!

Its a really tough trail, there does seem to be much more climbing than descending, but I suppose there really can't be. For the four of us once round was enough but for super rider Phil it must have been a major workout.

We finished off at the tea rooms for a snack and a drink, I went to Manchester for the train to London and others had to wait for Phil.............

16 miles (or 32)

Photographs HERE

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