Sunday, 5 December 2010

Sunday 5th December 2010

We arranged to meet at 8.30 at Bob’s Smithy, this would be the first ride of the old firm since the summer, in the event we were three, myself, Dean and Phil.
When I left home it was still dark and -4C.  The roads were deadly, lost the front wheel a few times. The trail down to Middlebrook from the church was very icy.  Long slog up to the Smithy, Phil already waiting, I was so cold by then, riding slow cause of the ice.  Dean arrived and then there is only one way from there, up. 
Walker Fold was really bad, frozen footsteps in the snow made it hard going.  Short break at the gate then up to the mast road on the bridleway.   Up the road to Two Lads and down the left hand side to the Iron Lamp.  Brilliant downhill, conditions under tyre much better as much colder at this height.  Along Georges Lane to the Pike, again slow going, but fantastic views from there, complete cloud inversions.
Down to the old toilets back along Georges Lane to the Crofters and then home.  For me around 20 miles maybe, enough in the sub-zero temperatures.  Great ride and glad we are back together.  Not many others out today, must have put off by the temperatures and the snow.

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