Sunday, 12 December 2010

Icy Sunday

Very cold ride today.  Met Dean and Phil at Bob’s Smithy, rode up to Walker Fold and on to the farm to pick up the road to the gate at Coalpits.  Much better than last week when we were pushing through the snow.   The trail was in excellent condition, at least in terms of  mud and good grip, but very rough in places now after the last few days of snow and frost.
From the Mast Road down to Sportsman’s Cottage, via the gully, great descent.

Along Georges Lane past the Pike and down the Ice Cream Run, which has changed again, maybe a bit smoother, missed the big slabs, seemed to have disappeared somewhere.
Down the icy road to the Chapel Tea Rooms for a teacake and coffee, before heading up through Lever Park and back along Middlebrook Valley Trail. 
Quite a quick and short ride, but nice day and nice weather, only very cold.

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