Sunday, 17 May 2009


Four in the group toady, Dean, Robert, Phil and me. As a change we went to Tockholes, it was very windy and we hoped the trees would give us some shelter, however we spent most of the trip on the high moorland. There are countless track and trails through the Tockholes area, there is some singletrack, some forest roods, and bridleways. The Witton Wevers Way threads through the area. From the main Belmont to Abbey Village Road we went in a sort of clockwise direction around the route you can on the map, theres quite a bit of climbing, but Darwin Tower is worth it...The view from there is 360 degrees and on a clear day should be superb.. lots of walkers around so its very popular.

Total distance 36 miles, Tockholes section 12 miles.

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