Monday, 25 May 2009

25th May Bank Holiday Monday

Probably the best day so far this year for temperature and weather, at least in the morning. Just Dean, Phil and me today. Met at the Jolly Crofters for a change. From there up Georges Lane, past the quarry and to the mast road, back down over the top of Walker Fold and Phil’s favourite climb of the day. Coal Pits up to the mast. Two Lads next, where a couple of Stoats (or weasels) were running together just a few metres away from us! Amazing to see them so close and in bright sunshine. Back down to Georges lane and through Wilderswood, which looked great in the sunshine and new growth. From there a few “Phil” loops around the hillside to the west and east of Chorley Old Road, before the finish at the Jolly Crofters, downwind from the burger van!, but just about resisted!

Next week, charity ride from Manchester to Liverpool.... Team Halbro!

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