Sunday, 1 April 2012

Today, 1st April myself, Dean and Rob met at Bobs Smithy.  Weather superb, clear cool and sunny.  we rode up to Coalpits and took the new steps and the singletrack to the Reservoir.  The trail was dusty and bone dry.  The long downhill singletrack followed right down to Wilton Quarry, where as the shooting club were there we went down a very steep path instead of running along the top of the quarry.  Dropped down through Horrocks fold and then to Barrow Bridge for the long slow climb back to Scout Road. 

Along to Walker Fold, to the shoulder on the Mast Road, then down to the big lamp on Georges Lane, very dry trail and excellent traction

Arcon descent followed and then a tea break at Curleys  before splitting up and going home.

Excellent ride in good weather and excellent trail conditions.

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