Sunday, 9 October 2011

Dark Peak Challange

Saturday 7th October 2011, the BHF Dark Peak Challenge.

Myself and Dean entered this event and it really was a challenge.  34 miles of tough riding in the roughest and wild UK mountains.  The route we rode was the "Extreme", 34 miles of hard riding with 8,125 feet (2,500 metres) of climbing.  The ride started from Hope, about 250 riders, all clean and polished at the start.

Conditions went worse though and soon the climb to Mam Tor was wet and windy, the rain more or less continued all day, a steady wetting drizzle. 

We haven't rode very much in the Peak District, normally keeping to the north of Manchester, but this ride was spectacular, well constructed, hard climbs followed by rocky and wet descents, time after time.

There were four refreshment stations along the route, water, biscuits, juice.

Trail conditions varied from stone flags, to the deepest mud, imagine 250 riders and what they did to to the muddy sections.

On the start line

On the start line

First feed stop

Long push up, one of many

We rode with these three more or less all day

Near the end

Near the end

Finish line

Finish line

The aftermath

The end

Pile of crap
We finished well within the time and had a fantastic and character forming day.

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