Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday Ride

Didn't start out well - raining just as I was leaving, quick call to Dean and 30 minutes delay.  Met at Bob's Smithy, up to Walker Fold Woods an onto the Saddle, down to the Iron Lamp and along Georges Lane.

Ice Cream Run, Tea Rooms downhill and up to Yarrow, Leadmines Clough, down to the bridge and bridletrack to White Coppice, cafe open so a refreshment stop.  Then on to Healey Nab for half of the Red Route, back to Anglezark, Top Barn, up through the Gardens, Georges Lane, down to Arcon, with a dog in tow, then home along the Middlebrook Valley Trail.  32 miles, 2100 feet climbing, brilliant day out with Phil, Dean and Rob.  BTW, weather got a lot better mid morning, so nice day after all.

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