Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Coniston and Walna Scar

Planned a trip into the Lakes and chose Walna Scar to Seathwaite and then back via Torver. We parked at the Ferry Slip in Coniston. The first hill out of Coniston was a big shock, must be the steepest hill in the world! The route up to Walna Scar is very rocky and very steep, one and a half hours later of pushing, carrying and a few metres of riding we got to the top. The downhill to Seathwaite seemed to take about 3 minutes, very rocky, misty and steep. Short stop at the pub for a coffee and then another push/ride to the top of the pass at The Caw and Brock Barrow. Across to Broughton Moor Wood. From there the rain started, “light” rain, Down the tarmac to Torver and then along the side of the lake to Coniston, didn’t bother with waterproofs, so absolutely soaked through.

Photos show Dave just at the top of Walna Scar Road, and then Phil and Dave at the bottom on the other side.

23 miles in a lot of hours!

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Red Bike said...

Sounds like a brilliant ride.