Sunday, 18 April 2010


Got up at 04.40, ready for a 05.30 departure, which is the earliest time its possible to leave without having to use lights. Took Route 55 from Little Hulton to Monton, across Barton Bridge, down the Bridgewater Canal to Stetford to join the Transpennie Trail bear Chester Road. Very cold first thing, ground frost but got warmer later. From there the Trail follows the River Mersey to Liverpool. I passed Liverpool Airport, no planes today - ash cloud. Past the Jaguar Works, along the Liverpool Loop Line and finally to Southport.

The trails are excellent at the moment, dry and dusty, no puddles anywhere. The whole route although long is very flat so I made really good time, 7 1/2 hours total riding, just two short stops, at Widnes Bridge and then 10 miles from Southport. When I got there the tide was even in! Chips and tea to celebrate in TRIO fashion.

Took the train back to Walkden, which was the earliest train, then another 4 miles up the 55 to home, all together 88 miles, 140 Kms.


trio said...

Sounds a lovely ride. Glad you had chips!

Richard said...

Trio. My ride wasn't as long as yours...but it was also quite a flat ride, so relativly OK. Richard

trio said...

I just really like the ride out to Southport - unless there is a headwind of course!