Sunday, 15 November 2009

North Face Trail

The weather started out very bad when we arrived at the car park, heavy rain and low visibility. After the usual faff of getting ready it was a little better. As usual now Phil shot off and left us, but we picked up another ride, Bob from Tynemouth and he stayed with us for the rest of the ride.

The trail was great, better than I had remembered it in April, though every hollow was filled with muddy water, and there are lots of hollows, so very wet today.

Had some fun on the boardwalks, they were actually treacherous, there is no wire mesh on the boards, just slippy wet wood....

A great day and good ride, not to long, but in the wet long enough.

Had a try at a short video, see it here


Red Bike said...

It's ages since i've been there but this post has just inspired me to make the effort to return.

Richard said...

Jon I was really pleased with the way is now, its really settled in, especially in the Autumn, with the leaves covering the trail, there are quite long sections of fireroad, but no problem. There is lots of scope to link other sections together and make a really rewarding ride. Plus the cafe is brand new and very smart.