Monday, 21 September 2009

Sunday Group Ride

The whole group was back together again for a long local ride, all the usual places. We stated from Georges Lane, up by the quarries, to the mast road, down to Walker Fold, Coal Pit Road, Winter Hill, down the steep end, Leadmines, White Coppice, Healey Nab and back via Rivington and the Pike. A long ride for me, 36 miles, weather absolutely superb, war and sunny. Trails very dry and dusty, makes a change from cleaning the mud off! Riders were me, Dean, Rob, Phil and Dave. We even managed a coffee stop at White Coppice Cricket Ground, where we found the café open!

Lots of people on the pike and even came a group of riders having instruction near the Pigeon Tower.

Photos HERE


Red Bike said...

Is there a sneaky footpath in there? (Not that I mind).

I have got to find a local MTBing group in my area (and get some gears on my bike!).

Richard said...

There are lots of cheeky trails around there! We use them all the time, somtimes I feel a bit guilty! But most of the area is owned by United Utilities, their record on maintainence and investment in my opinion is exceptionally poor....