Friday, 26 June 2009

Breakfast at Twa' Lads

Got up very early and rode up to Twa' Lads, (Two Lads) on Winter Hill. Set up my stove and cooked my breakfast, great views and great weather. Back down to Horwich, shower, then in work by 8.00 am!


Red Bike said...

Another inspirational post.

Bacon sandwiches and a cuppa for breakfast - lovely. They always seem to taste better on a camping stove too.

I can foresee myself copying you (different hill) very soon.

Lost Sheep said...

Same here. Although my hill will be in yet another completely different direction!

jumbly said...

Good effort! Trio and I did a brekkie ride last year, bacon butties at the Pike, we keep saying we'll do another. Best way to start the day.

trio said...

Yes that has reminded me I need another breakfast ride! Great fun!