Sunday, 15 February 2009

Urban Sprawl

I have wanted to have a look at the Fallowfield Loop for a while, so Saturday I set Off. But I didn't take a map which nearly blew it.

I set off down to Sale Water Park by Route 55, very wet and muddy. In Chorlton, I ran out of signposts, tried a few options and just as I was seeting off to Manchester City Centre I stumbled accross the western end of the Loop. I travelled to the full length and arrived at Sport City. From there to the City Centre and I tried to pick up the Bridgewater Canal, failed, but joined it near Old Trafford, from there back to the 55 and home. The weather was cool, just above freezing, but the mud was everywhere, I would have loked it a little colder.

In contrast to the 55 the Loop is well kept and almost litter and fly tipping free.

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