Sunday, 5 October 2008

Sunday Ride

After a really dull and damp start to the day, it turned into a fantastic autumn day, bright sunshine, not much wind and totally clear sky. I set off to explore a little bit further along the Bridgewater Canal and the Leeds Liverpool. I joined the canal at Leigh. This stretch of the canal, the towpath actually, is due to be upgraded to a cycle track in the near future, its a great ride. Unfortunately the last week of rain has turned to towpath into a mud bath! but its still a very nice ride. I called at the gym in Trafford Park for a swim and coffee and then back home along Route 55, which would be a fantastic route if if it were maintained even a little bit. Anyway 27 miles, according to my computer, Mapmyride doesn't show the side trip to Pennington Flash and along the Leeds Liverpool.

Note Route 55 joins Bolton and Monton via a disused railway line.

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